Hälsningar från Cindy

Cindy came to live with us in February last year.

We cannot thank you enough for accepting our application to adopt! She is such a delight, keeping us entertained with her mischief. Her favourite thing is stealing my husband’s socks from the laundry basket and sheepishly showing off her ’prize catch’ to get a treat as she ’willingly’ gives it back.

We have taken her camping where we taught her to swim, now she absolutely loves it. She has adjusted well and loves going to daggis to play with her friends during the day. In the evening and on weekends, she loves to cuddle with us and her elder brother (our cat).

She loves running, car rides and adventure. Of course, she knows exactly where her treat drawer is and often shows it to us in the hope of getting another ’sweetie’. 😀

We cannot imagine life without her.